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Our Business Desire

Who We Are?

Hospitality is one of the most important characteristics of Iranians. At Orkideh Restaurant, we are always proud to provide you with healthy and worthy food in an authentic environment based on modern architecture and design. The best place to eat is where the chef loves to cook. Our chef Mina, has experience cooking for more than 40 years. She gives flavour to food. Orkideh restaurant hosts, Family, friends and business circles, celebrations and events for each and all of you to experience good times together.
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Where Orkideh Come From?

Origin of Our Restaurant’s Name

Orkideh, (In Persian) is name of a special and rare flower. And we chose this beautiful name for the restaurant brand so that you, our dear guests, can enjoy the name Orkideh like us. Orchid, (In English) a flower with more than 25,000 species and covering 880 different genera around the world, an amazing and abundant flower, the most famous species of which is the butterfly orchid. Unlike most circular flowers, the orchid is an eye-catching and spectacular flowering plant with geometrically designed and multi-colored petals.

What People are Saying?


See our customers comments about our services and foods in below.

“A Great And Tasty Food”

Excellent, unassuming, and wonderful find. Orkide restaurant has a great variety and fine value tasting menu. Exciting food with high-quality presentation, service, and inventiveness. 


“Fabulous food & flawless service”

This cozy restaurant has left the best impressions! Hospitable hosts, delicious dishes, beautiful presentation, and wonderful dessert. 

Madison Cooper

“Another successful experience”

I recommend it to everyone! I would like to come back here again and again. First time in Richmond Hill and Toronto and YOU have to go! Phenomenal experience. Top-notch food, atmosphere, and wait staff.


“Speechless And Undescribale”

High-quality food!
Very fresh and delicious food. Try their kebabs for sure.😋 …

Brad Johanson